The Maria Grace Fountation
“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”
- Martha Graham


The 6 Roots of a Grounded Leader

Sprouting Healthy Roots Nobody arrives at grounded leadership by accident. Many of the leaders I’ve met who exemplify this new leadership model take time to cultivate qualities of character, mind and body. These qualities — I call them healthy roots —

Physical health is vital for providing the energy and stamina you need to meet the relentless demands on your attention.

Emotional health prevents negative feelings from getting in the way of productive thinking.

Intellectual health involves mental artistry and a far-reaching curiosity that allows you to sift through complexity and weigh quickly changing, potentially contradictory information.

Social health lets you build an environment of trust and shared goals in a world of increasing transparency.

Vocational health reflects a sense of meaningful calling in a competitive world.

Spiritual health enables you to avoid trivial distractions and foster an environment in which everyone is encouraged to become more grounded themselves.

By Bob Rosen ~ Huffington Post
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