The Maria Grace Fountation
“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”
- Martha Graham


It takes a village
Volunteering is the most generous form of appreciation. While monetary donations are an absolute necessity, giving in the form of volunteering is giving of your time. Time, being our greatest asset, is the show of appreciation to the cause we believe in and for which we have a passion. It is giving from your heart.

Dance is about so much more than dancing and performing. Dance gives a person the needed outlet of artistic ability and passion of the soul. Giving a child an otherwise unavailable chance to do what mean so much to them is something that is so fulfilling to me as well as them. I was financially fortunate enough to provide Maria Grace with the means to make her dream come true. It is my hope to make dreams come true for children of families without the same fortune. I watched, being the part of the dance community help to mold my daughter into a dedicated performer and a leader. Every child should have that same opportunity.

In today’s society, it is so easy for children to focus on things in life that are not rewarding or character building. Being involved with a dance team takes commitment and self-discipline. What this means for an otherwise “at-risk” child is having a purpose and a focus. The Maria Grace Foundation would like to reward them, for just that. With the help of our volunteers…. WE CAN DO THIS!!!
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